Do the best thing for your health
Start breathing
clean air

Get an overview of your environment

We measure factors affecting health, comfort, and productivity

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Increased levels can cause reduced focus and worsen decision making.

Temperature and humidity

Too high, or conversely, low temperature and humidity affect performance and overall well-being, non-optimal values increase the risk of spreading diseases.

Volatile organic compounds (VOC)

Are substances emitted from the materials and equipment used. They cause respiratory tract irritation and allergies. During long-term exposure, they can even be carcinogenic.

Dust particles (PM)

Dust particles enter the airways and cause infections and inflammation.

Why is air quality important?

You are what you breathe!


Today, we spend up to 90% of our time indoors. With increased CO2 concentration, productivity decreases by up to 50%.


The fact is that the air indoors is up to 60% more harmful than the air outside.

Complete solution for any building

Using a smart sensor
we measure air quality.

We have created a smart sensor that measures 5 most important air quality factors affecting productivity, comfort and health.

Data available

You will immediately get very accurate information about your productivity and concentration levels, the risk of allergies, as well as the risk of diseases spreading.

Improve the air quality

Knowing the current data will help you understand the impact of your activities on the development of the environment. With alerts, you'll be able to respond to emerging issues in a timely manner.

We will advise you,
on how to keep your

workspace healthy.

We will prepare a detailed analysis, which is the key to increased satisfaction and productivity at your workspace.
Air quality and healthy environment will be your best benefits.

Environmental analysis

Improve your workspace

What is included?

  • Productivity decrease evaluation
  • Calculation of potential savings
  • Determination of long-term health impact
  • Workspace occupancy evaluation
  • Trend comparison
  • Action steps and recommendations for maintaining a healthy environment
  • Our solution is suitable for any interior type
  • We perform environmental analysis starting at 5 rooms
Cost of analysis starts at 800 EUR


Savings calculator

Calculate how much you can save on each meeting with our solution
Hours spent at meetings per month:
Total labor costs per month:
Loss of employee work ability per month:
Yearly you can save up to:




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